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Falkland Islands

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A British Overseas Territory (BOT) in the South Atlantic.

Currently the Argentinians are (yet again) banging on about getting the 'Malvinas' back - which usually means their economy is wrecked... again.

One of the few places on the planet where in summer, you can get an awesome tan (due to a complete lack of an ozone layer) and die of hypothermia at the same time (wind chill factor).

Naturally, the biggest conflict the Falklands has ever seen was that of the Argies getting off the ferry at the wrong stop but since then the battle has been against the filthy crab slags carrying the Plague (Or Gonorrhea). With the ratio of male to female soldiers on the island drastically in favour of the males, it's only natural that the few eligible females (Ie: breathing) around should be carrying the lergy.

It's highly advised that if you do find yourself on the Falklands and you avail yourself of any of the splitarrses walking around that you pay a prompt visit to the nearest farm and ask to use their sheep dip.

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