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The FV432 was probably the first tracked vehicle taken into service that was specifically designed as an APC. Being designed as a metal box with tracks (making it a distant relative of the Lada - metal box on wheels) it made itself ideal for being the basis for a whole series of vehicles many of which are still in service in one form or another today.

In a moment of genius, someone somewhere has decided that the 432 needs another upgrade as it can't keep up with WARRIOR across country. The upgrade involves, among other stuff, fitting the WARRIOR power pack, but not changing the suspension. This means that it still won't be able to keep up with WARRIOR off road, but as it's lighter that WARRIOR, it should be able to out drag a Porsche on a level surface.

The series:-

FV431 Battlefield load carrier.
FV432 APC used for many roles including Ambulance, Observation Post, Engineer Vehicle (with Bar Mine Layer, Giant Viper and Ranger), Anti-Tank (with Wombat and Milan), Fire Support Vehicle (fitted with various turrets) and Command Post (at many levels Troop/Platoon to Corps).
FV433 The Abbot self propelled gun.
FV434 REME recovery vehicle.
FV435 Specialist communications version (Wavell).
FV436 Cymbeline mortar locating radar. Later converted to specialist CP versions.
FV437 Pathfinder - a specialist high mobility version with an unprepared water crossing capability.
FV438 Swingfire Anti-Tank version.
FV439 Specialist secure communications version.

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