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FN Rifle Series

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A lovely assault rifle best known for the FN-FAL (Fabrique Nationale - Fusil Automatique L├ęger), adopted into British service as the L1A1 series SLR.

Powerful and capable of fully-automatic fire, the original FAL was rather like that other popular assault rifle the AK-47 except that instead of being made by freedom-hating commie bastards it was made in a good old democratic country and therefore was a weapon of choice for NATO (except the Spams, who couldn't face the idea that a foreigner might be better at making guns than them).

The British engineers took one look at it and decided to make their own changes. The L1A1 was an FN FAL modified slightly to suit british requirements and production techniques. Full auto? A complete waste of time in a 7.62 NATO chambered rifle since the recoil makes it too difficult to control and muzzle will rise off target after the first round and you won't hit jack all beyond about spitting range.

That said, when the Australian SAS were deployed to Malaya they found that they could make even more modifications to fit the situation they found themselves in. Sawing down the barrel to make it more wieldy in jungle conditions (although thereby dramatically reducing the accuracy and therefore effective range) - the original is a big, long heavy thing designed for fairly long-range engagements in terrain where you have enough room to swing the proverbial cat - and filing down the selector making it capable of automatic fire. This gave it an effective range of Not Very Far but the Aussies didn't care because that was the range they were fighting at. They liked them even more when they found out that they had enough power to cut through rotting foliage, which was often used as cover by the enemy.