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F-117 Nighthawk

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F-117 Nighthawk
Type Low Observeable Strike Fighter
Manufacturer Lockheed
Status In Early Stages Of Retirement
Cost €122 million
  • Dimensions
    • Length - 20.08 m
    • Wingspan - 13.20 m
    • Height - 3.78 m

  • Armament
    • Availiable hardpoints - None
    • 2 x 2000lb bombs carried in an internal bomb bay.
  • Other Information
    • Maximum Range - 1,111km
    • Crew - 1
    • Service Ceiling - 60,000ft

With the public kept in the shadows, the world would have to wait until 1988 till the stealth fighter was unveiled. The system itself would be utilized in Operation Just Cause during the 1989 invasion for the very first time, dropping laser-guided bombs on targets in Panama with good results. The Nighthawk system would receiving world-wide coverage a few years later as part of the opening salvo in Operation Desert Storm in 1991, accounting for over 1,000 sorties by the end of the air war over Iraq.