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Reasonably sized city in the county of Devon. If you're expecting smiling maidens shouldering urns full of clotted cream then you'll be sorely disappointed. Unfortunately, Exeter has succumbed to the malaise that is seemingly devouring this once green & peasant land, i.e. foreigners, pikeys and chavs.

The visitor, upon alighting at Exeter Central station, will be met with a torrent of heathen foreign jibber jabber, as the city is inundated with humanity from all corners of the globe. This is partly due to Exeter being a university city. The other part is due to mass, uncontrolled immigration, and one is more likely to hear idle Polish chit chat in Exeter than in Warsaw.

If you're also expecting ye olde worlde then think again. Exeter was on Herman's urban redevelopment list and the Luftwaffe did a pretty good job of removing a sizable swathe of the historic old city. Little bits survive, mainly in the cathedral area, but the rest of the city is a characterless hole full of beggars, hoodies and young ladies with names like Chantelle and Chardonnay. Best avoided.

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