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Process of either boring (CAST, BBGT, any higher formation ex) or abusing soldiers until they become brainless cogs in the UK's military machine-let. Carried out on training areas and followed by endex.

  • Non Tactical Exercise : No cam cream, no weapons and lights at night. Ruperts eat in Mess tent.
  • Semi Tactical Exercise : For OR's cam cream, weapons, no lights at night, guard duties and 'Stand To' positions. However this did not apply to Ruperts who still ate in the mess tent and swanned about as if on Camp.
  • Tactical Exercise : Real bummer which included at least 8 hours in full NBC Kit and Respirator after some Basket Weaver shouted GAS GAS GAS. The only plus point was as you all looked the same it could be a good time to aquire Buckshee kit without fear of being identified. This seems less of a great plan when the 6'6" regimental boxer finds his service number written on the inside of the webbing that you're wearing.