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Excessive Use of Force

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Remember Lads, the Lawyers say no excessive force!

Definition: An Excessive Use of Force is a situation spotted by a limp wristed, soft handed, civil rights lawyer reading an after action report from the comfort of his comfy armchair in Mayfair.

Case Study: It will involve one or more Toms about to have their ears removed by kebab knives wielded by bearded feckers with mad staring eyes somewhere very sandy or rocky, thousands of miles from Blighty.

Said Toms will probably defend themselves with everything at their disposal, from air strike to harsh language ... but god forbid that somewhere in the heat of trying to scrape some rabid cnut off your throat do you overstep some vague boundary of 'permissible violence' defined by some bored Civil Servant and stray into an area vaguely defined as 'excessive'. Exactly what would be 'excessive' when a 500lbs bomb is 'permissable' is anyone's guess!

At this point the lawyer will leap into action and at the trifling cost of a thousand pounds an hour, will (over the next 6 months of constant hand wringing and letters to the Guardian) raise a legal case against the Tom, the MoD, the government, the British Taxpayer and all their descendants for their involvement in harming a poor, innocent, wouldnt hurt a fly, murdering Jihadist.

Result: The lawyer, his wife and two kids (Jemima and Tarquin no doubt) are set for life or at least the next school year, the mad fecker's family owns half of Pakistan, the Bill Oddie gets banged up, the MoD and Government apologise to everyone on the planet and the British Taxpayer pays the bill for everything.