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European Song Contest Drinking Game

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This Drinking Game is specific to the European Song Contest. Only try it if you are bored titless, the video shop is shut and your porn is still drying out after requiring to be wiped with domestos ... again.

Take a drink everytime on of the below conditions are achieved:


  • Sing
  • Speak in rhyme
  • Gaze into each others eyes -- drain glass if they pash

Singers/Backup Singers

  • Wink at camera
  • Drop to their knees
  • Make a peace sign
  • Sing in language other than English or native tongue (ie. Ukrainian sings Hasta La Vista)
  • Wear a hat - drain glass if wearing horns
  • Flick their hair - drain glass if bald
  • Have a moustache - drain glass if female with moustache
  • Show décolletage - drain glass if wearing a codpiece
  • Rapping - drain glass!


  • Mime heavy guitar solo
  • Play an 'ethnic' instrument
  • Play piano while standing
  • 'Ethnic' dancing - drain glass if Hip Hop dancing
  • Pretend to fight - drain glass if martial arts
  • Contortionist - drain glass!


  • Helicopter shots
  • Sped up or slowed down film
  • Any costume change
  • Any key change
  • Use of props (i.e. candles, ribbons, dummies)
  • Use of fireworks - drain glass if singer catches fire
  • UK gets no points - drain glass if UK catches fire
  • Your country wins - drain glass!