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Eurocopter Tiger

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Attack chopper used by the Australian, German, French, Spanish and Saudi Arabian Armies.


Proving its not just BAE that don't deliver on time, the Tiger was 18 months late in deployment although no reason for the slippage was ever given.

Comes in many fun varieties:

HAP/HCP (Helicoptere d'Appui Protection / Helicopter for Close Protection)
UHT (from Unterstützungshubschrauber Tiger; Ger. supporting helicopter Tiger)
ARH (Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter)
HAD (Hélicoptère d'Appui Destruction / Support Destruction Helicopter)

Current deployment:

  • Australia: 22 aircraft of the ARH version
  • France: 80 aircraft - 40 HAP and 40 HAD
  • Germany: 80 aircraft - all of the UHT version
  • Spain: 24 aircraft of the HAD version
  • Saudi Arabia: Expected to buy 12 aircraft - similar to HAD version

The French versions come with sophisticated white flag dispensers, external speakers capable of broadcasting 'I surrender' in 32 languages (including Welsh) as well as a Michelin GPS navigation system listing every brothel in Western Europe.