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Ethnic Minority

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Collective term dreamt up by the PC brigade in the 1970s to describe a person or group of people who have a different culture, religion or language to the main one in the place or country they live... and anyone who isn't a white Tory voter. Though quite how 20 billion Jeffs can be in the minority - with 19.5 million of 'em living in Leicester - has never been adequately explained.

Obviously they are going to be different to the indigenous peoples, i.e. the majority - and should obviously keep their heads down and try to fit in as best they can least they be given a shoeing for not being in 'our tribe'.

That's how it is all over the world... except in the UK where multi cultural dribbling from Neu Arbeit over the last ten years has ensured that the majority are not allowed to be a majority in their own land. The ethnic minorities get precedence for most things, Union flags are nasty, nationalistic things that require burning and the state religion of the UK is Islam.

Under Neu Arbeit being an ethnic minority is like having four aces in poker. Play it and you win... every time: 'I want house! 'Sorry, there's a waiting list.' 'I am Armenian!' 'That will do nicely sir and would you like a swimming pool and helipad with your new home?'

There are accounts of illegal immigrants (of ethnic minorities) being given council homes in Scotland ahead of taxpaying Scots who have been on the housing list for years.

Great pains are taken by those in the corridors of power (at all levels) to ensure that the little darlings aren't offended - right down to some charidee shops banning the sale of Christmas cards for fear of upsetting the heathen interlopers. The list is endless... and growing daily. They'll be banning golliwogs next!