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Ethnic Cleansing

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Definition: The removal of a specific ethnic group through relocation, murder or 're-education'. A barbaric and deplorable practice seen around the world for centuries.


In recent history, ethnic cleansing has been seen in Bosnia, Kosovo, Congo (all 1990s), China (1947 to today), Nazi Germany (1933 to 1945), the Darfur region of Sudan (today) and in most areas across the world. The international community bears a great responsibility for these acts. UN restrictions prevented intervention in Bosnia and the refusal to acknowledge genocide in Rwanda/Congo and again in Darfur didn't exactly help either - despite the proper troops being available to prevent the groups responsible from existing, let alone doing what they did.

Even in China, 'America's new best friend', thousands of people every year are arrested, tortured or murdered for certain religious beliefs, political standpoints or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ethnic Cleansing is becoming an increasingly important issue in Iraq with Shia-on-Sunni, Shia-on-Shiite, everyone (including Turks)-on-Kurds... or (hell!) any combination of anyone on anyone else, involving bombings, kidnappings, executions, death squads... you name it!

Whether the 'free world' gets off its lazy backside, gives the Army some proper funding and moves in to prevent such situations from developing, still remains to be seen.


Even we (as in the UK) are not completely innocent. See the 19th, 18th, 17th etc. centuries. At various times Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Scots, Irish and Cornishmen have all been subject to hideous practices, as well as laws allowing the killing of Welshmen in various circumstances. If we did that to our fellow island dwellers can you imagine what went on during the days of Empire when no one was watching?

Not to be confused with...

Ethnics cleaning. The use of ethnic minorities for menial tasks is traditional and continues to this day. The NHS is a key employer and, as such, has contributed greatly to the rise of incurable ailments such as MRSA as a direct consequence of employing JFs from all corners of the world on three shillings an hour who cannot speak the Queen's English, never mind wash their fcuking hands properly and read the myriad Health and Safety signs that abound. That said, it'd be little different if they were forced to employ chavs, so...?

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