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  • Snider Enfield - .577 breech loading conversion of the 1853 (3 Banded) muzzle-loaded Enfield rifle-musket-type-thing.


  • Lee Enfield - .303 bolt action rifle used by the British Army for over half a century.


  • Royal Enfield - Single and twin cylinder motorcycle manufacturer from the 1950s. 'Built like a Gun' said the sales blurb, and in fairness they were right, as they used to go bang quite often - usually in spectacular fashion. Still produced in India, but recently re-tooled by the Germans. They are now only thirty years behind the Japanese instead of forty.

Royal Enfield

  • Harry Enfield - Loadsamoney cnut.
  • Enfield - Town in the county of Middlesex. Yeah, I know Middx. doesn't technically exist anymore, but I'm not playing their silly bloody games. As far as I'm concerned it's in Middlesex. There's a few more dotted about the world too, e.g. The United States - as you would expect. There's also one in Ireland .
  • Lithgow, Australian/New Zealand version of Enfield.