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Embra ARRSE Crawl

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Original text courtesy of Auld-yin:

The Embra '05 Crawl started with the gang meeting up at The Malt Shovel just after 1800 hrs under the command of Sgt. Slingsby.

A very healthy number of ARRSErs turned out. *deep breath* Abacus, Gonzo, Antphilip, Liz the nurse, Beanz, Murielson, medman82, Sixtyfootdoll, Poppy, Micky Dees, Auld-Yin, Sluice dweller, Mangonel, Trolly Dolly, Babyblue, Tigerbaby, Hitlerwasabitnaughty, Aerosexual, Papa Lazaroo, Fish-Head and (briefly) Borainne - Borainne having the perfect excuse to leave early with the birth of his baby girl clashing horribly with the drinking.

Liz the nurse quickly took control and bossed about everyone (in the nicest possible way) ensuring that all were watered and that photos started to be taken. Name tags were inspected and day time names were added to real-time names (aka usernames). I think the first meeting of lips took place withion about 3 minutes of entry to the pub.

There was a deal of surprise regarding the usernames in that Liz really is a Nurse and Sixtyfootdoll will not be asked to measure the curtains. Auld-Yin turned out not to be old, but ancient and well in company with Mangonel. The age group ranged from 20-ish to 20's plus VAT but the intellectual level rarely reached early teens.

The ladies were very shy and retiring and did nothing to tighten up the t-shirts they were wearing to show off their figures (need to stop soon as the palms are getting sweaty - check out the pics in the gallery). Within half an hour TrollyDolly changed out of Arrse gear into a rather fetching blue number but for some reason chose to do it in the ladies changing room rather than in a circle of panting Arrers.

Gossip from the event courtesy of Beanz (anything that follows after is clearly made up):

Someone fell over. Someone got laid. Someone got drunk, Someone wore a tie! Someone got pulled by a frog but blew them out, a couple of people dropped drinks. Sgt Slingsby got breastfed, head AND went to the castle.

A grounded bloke turned up, and some had hamburgers. Some people didn't know where to go to the loo (pics will likely follow). Lots of drink was imbibed, someone lost their camera... then found it again; someone got fined for dropping their badge, someone took pics of men stripping! Someone tried to eat a man's underwear (but it was sweeties, and someone else said it tasted vile... so I think the sweets were covered in manfat or worse).

Abacus would like to point out that his stunt-double has yet to recover from the photo-sessions during the event.