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Was supposed to put the postman out of a job. But is actually more of an computer gimmick for distributing bulletins, jokes, notices and porn around the office etc. But it sure beats working!

However, it is also a fantastic tool for distributing your written stupidity to the far corners of the globe in a matter of minutes, as compared to the handful of people who might have read your letter in the past - for example:

• Intern for U.S. senator sends embarrassing break-up emailto girlfriend.

• Intern at prestigious law firm sends embarrassing message to multiple co-workers.

• Man brags in email about being on the phone with his fiancee while another woman performs fellatio on him.

So, although it's tempting, it's risky to put anything in email that you wouldn't want read on the evening news.

Moreover, one cannot receive parcels via Email and is no match for a well worded beautifully written letter from someone close.

Medium by which the greatest annoyance of the late 20th/early 21st century is delivered ... Spam!