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Electronic Repair Vehicle

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This is a technical workshop in a box body. There are 2 versions in use within the Royal Signals the ERV clansman also used by REME Battalions and the ERV trunk for the repair of Ptarmigan equipment this is only used by the Royal Corps of Signal

ERV Clansman

This is a single phase powered 3 series box body an radio frequency screened enclosure and a main workshop. It has multiple 240v AC power supply points plus the capability for DC supply with use of a Thorn Power Supply Unit. It also has mountings for up to two radio test sets. It has air conditioning and NBC capablilties.

ERV Trunk

This is a three phase powered box body. It has two long work benches one containing the hard wired ATR or Automatic Test Rig Designed to fault find on all ptarmigan equipments. Although the blue box fairies or systems techs as they prefer to be called spend most of their time trying to make it work after they've spilt their brew in it. Due to it's 3 phase power supply the ERV Trunk supplies all it's own AC and DC power via internal mains. This vehicle also has air conditioning and NBC Capabilities and usually works in tandem with and Electric Store Vehicle.


Both forms of ERV are robust and versatile mobile workshops, although not without their age and equipment problems.

Also as you can see with all those 240v sockets floating around they also double up as: cp's, games rooms, brew room, cinema and general w*nk palaces.