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Eddie Stone

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Man of Stone

Eddie Stone: hardman, TV presenter, survival expert, former Scots Guardsman and - most importantly - ex-member of... 'Them'.

Without a doubt, Eddie is the nailsest bloke on the box, his tough, uncompromising snarl striking absolute dread in to those stupid enough to sign up for Eddie's SAS. Are You Puff Enough?

The hapless contestants are ferried up to Wales in the back of a Four Tonner and deposited in the middle of nowhere, at night, and in the wettest of horizontal downpours. Eddie emerges from the gloom and sets to work whipping the idle civvy feckers in to shape - ably assisted by his entourage of ex-SF types.

It's noteable that whilst everyone is clad from head to toe in windproof smocks and Gore-Tex, Eddie eschews such attire.

Back in 1986 whilst on a winter NAVEX in the Black Mountains, Eddie went missing in an atrocious blizzard for several days, before being eventually discovered suffering from a minor chill. Eddie confided with his rescuers that if it hadn't been for his t-shirt, jeans and trusty dessies then it was unlikely he'd have made it back... before the bar shut.

Eddie is a legend and is one of the few former members of the regiment not to have embarked upon a successful writing career. Eddie specialises in languages - all delivered in his gutteral Scottish brogue - and Unarmed Combat. Back in 1985, Eddie jap-slapped an entire street full of screaming Triad gangsters whilst on R&R in Hong Kong after one of them had spilled his pint. It don't get nailser than that!

Eddie currently lives in Croydon where he is married with twelve children of varying hues and shades... probably.

Care should be taken when searching for SSgt Stone on Google, as he shares his name with another Eddie Stone...

Being ARRSEpedia, the above information is, naturally, flawed and possibly incorrect.

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