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If your auntie Mavis ever bought you an expensive but naff cardigan and then the daft cow lost the receipt OR you unearth 3000 classic porn mags in the attic and the wife isn't into that sort of thing and you need to get rid of them ... this site is for you.

Designed to bring the gullible with too much money and strange wants within reach of every conniving shyster with internet access, this on line auction website is the way to make pounds from the useless crap you have littering your house.

Advertise what you've got on Ebay and you are reaching out to 2 billion or so internet users. Someone somewhere out there must have a desperate need for 10 copies of Bukkake Face Painting Monthly or even that stuffed Capybara that Uncle Harold shot up the Amazon. Post the details on the site and people will be flinging money of strange sizes, shapes and denominations at you before you've got your hand off the mouse.

Although rules have been enacted to stop people and bodyparts being sold online, before that happened one girl sold her virginity on Ebay (although she was a Lesbo so unlikely to have much use for it)


one bloke was trying to sell one of his kidneys to pay off some gambling debts (before the debt collectors took it anyway I guess).

It should be noted that the wording of every advert should be checked like you study a Tony Bliar speech for cunning punctuation and wording. A semi-recent scam was the sale of a Playstation 2 box. Great price ... only thing was the Playstation wasn't in the box. Also there are thieving pikeys who advertise great items at low low prices, take your money and do a runner.

The Maggot With No Kit

One of your lads keeps going diffy kit? His 1157 always missing stuff? Always seems to blame it on someone nicking it? Chances are the daft cnut is selling the stuff on Ebay to make a few quid to tide him over until Millionaires Weekend.

From pouches to boots, to bergens and bullets, they've all been stuck on Ebay at some time or another by a daft tit who thought no-one would notice. Unfortunately for him the Monkeys now have several bods who spend their entire day surfing Ebay looking for all and any British military kit being sold. Ostensibly to nick whoever's selling it but more likely so they can get first bid on a nice bit of gear that they don't get issued, being REMF's and all. Kit-flogging is apparently particularly rife amongst members of the elite Royal SAS Para Marines for some reason.

Feed me

Rations were the big one circa 2008-2010 when QM's were getting their arrses spanked for selling the stuff straight from their stores. Apparently civvies pay £20 a box for 24hr compo. Think of all the times you chucked it away before Ex and replaced it with forty packs of Super Noodles and Haribo! Oh the loss!

Suffice to say, don't sell anything over Ebay anymore, it's illegal, it's easy to catch you out and you get much better money if you do it down your local car booty sale anyway...... Ebay Website