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East Germany

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The Germanys as they were

After the Second World War Germany was partitioned off into three Allied Military Zones, as was Berlin the capital located far in the east of the country well within the area allocated to the Soviet Union. This area of the country was soon forced to follow the ideology of their communist masters and within ten years were allowed to join the Warsaw Pact and stand against NATO. Germany was soon split along what was become known as the IGB and remained so with streets, families and even houses split along the well protected border.

It was soon noticed that the East Germans followed the German trait of grasping with both hands and taking it much more seriously than the ones they learned it from, and became fanatical communists. Their secret police force the Stasi, were soon out doing the KGB by having people dragged off for 'treatment' after being accused by their work mates or family members of being CIA spies. It was always said that if you broke down on the corridor on the way to Berlin, you had better hope the Russians get to you before the East Germans do.

Disposed of a useful little 6-division army with good reserves and would probably have been the only WP armed forces to do what it said on the tin. Officially know as the NVA, Famously, and possibly allegedly, were so keen for a repeat performance that, in December 1981, had the 9th Panzer Division lined up, cammed up, benzed up and bombed up, ready for the off, on the Polish border before being stood down when the Poles themselves declared martial law in order to keep the Sovs from invading them.