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Explosive Ordnance Disposal, or Bomb Squad as the media like to portray it.

The British Army have two different groups who are involved in EOD and they seem to put up with each other as they both know that they have specific roles to play, even when they would lead you to believe that they could do the other's job just as well as them.

The Royal Engineers EOD are there to render safe any enemy ordnance that is dropped on us by the enemy. This is mainly because most ordnance that has been dropped on us is usually buried quite deep in the ground and the Royal Engineers are very good at digging, which is where the word 'Sapper' comes from. The RLC wouldn't know one end of a 'Shovel RE' from the other and wouldn't lower themselves to get their hands dirty if they did. If at any point any enemy ordnance was fired at us and came to rest on a shelf in a store, I'm sure that the RE EOD would step to one side and let the RLC EOD take care of it as it would be well within their area of expertise.

Let's not forget the role Specialist Operator play within RLC EOD either. They make an excellent brew.

The RLC EOD is responsible for our own ammunition. They are the ones who look after it and fix it, and if it ends up not working properly it's their fault and they should be the ones that go and sort it out. They are also responsible for rendering safe all forms of IED, which is known as IEDD (Improvised Explosive Device Disposal). It's an interesting point, but at the School of Ammunition there is no 'Basic' IEDD Course, The first one you go on is the 'Advanced IEDD Course'. What's that all about?

Another element of the RLC side of EOD (and increasingly more so on the wedge side, too) is that of the ECM Operator, 99% of whom hail from the Royal Signals and are affectionately known as 'bleeps'. Their job is to turn up and insist on looking for things via white noise and a deep frown.