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Handy pages for your nirex folder:

Estimate / Orders

7Qs inserts for BG level This is not for Pl level, but for JOTAC / CAST

TAC and Ground brief

HVM_Boy's 7 Questions (for Pl) inserts (2 column format)

Platoon Orders inserts

SPOTOCA card (Warning Order)

Aide memoire - combat estimate (small).doc

Aide memoire - combat estimate & Os.doc

Section Quick Battle Orders

The Pl Sgt in the advance and attack

The Pl Sgt in defence

Pl Comd QBOs

Pl Comd Advance to contact Aide Memoire

Pl Q4 effects schematic

Duties of a sentry / stag list

Range Card - Thanks to EX_STAB

Simple range card

Section Ammo and Cas card

Slimmed down Section Ammo / Cas card

Quality Warning Order

Extraction of orders schematic

Sangar / Sentry brief


CBRN state

CBRN Threat Levels

Contact Numbers

Flap sheet

Guard List

HLS Dimensions

Location of key pers


Post Ex MS report

Radio diagram

Radio Net

Range Card

Readiness states

Sentry checklist

Sick Parade

Tp site plan

Veh state as at


Weapon numbers



Guide to the staff branches (G1-G9)

Route Card

Artillery ranges and effects

OPCOM(Mike)/OPCON(November)/TACOM(Mike)/TACON(November) handy reference

MEDEVAC 9 Liner (thanks to spaz)

Antonyb's Handy A5 Patrol reports

Full patrol report


Zap number auto spreadsheet

How to fold a map

Genfor Aide Memoire (needs this font: APP-6A)

Driver brief

Military Map Reading

Appraisals / Tp Comd notebook

Tp/Pl Comd notebook

Gunner Tp notebook

Individual Activity Record

Post Ex MS report


Command Tasks

Command task evaluation criteria

Command Task first three things:

1) 'You' are the timekeeper

2) Give me two minutes (to the timekeeper) to come up with my plan.

3) Has anyone done this before? Who can tie knots/operate pulleys etc?

Model Kits

Some thoughts about your model kit: Model kit

Model labels for Rite in the Rain paper

Cleaning your nirex

How to clean it