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Duty of Care

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Apparently we are no longer responsible for our own actions or able to think for ourselves. Duty of Care removes all the uncertainty of having to make a decision etc by forcing everything and everyone down one safe path of action.

It does not matter what you have to do in the Army someone somewhere has written specific "safe" orders to ensure no one stubbs a toe or loses an arm etc. You want to take the section out for a bit of skirmishing in the woods? Well in the old days you tipped up with your men and cracked on. If they were cold they pulled out a jumper and a flask, if it was raining they would pull out their poncho and make a shelter. Above all they would deal with problems themselves. If they got it wrong they learned from their mistakes. Nowadays you need a proper ISO9000 portaloo, a wind proof shelter with cushioned seats, Instant hot drinks, a lilo, a psyciatrist, a recreational gaming machine and so on.

Phase2/3 training has become very bad for Duty of Care enforcement. Learning by ones mistakes is such a no no these days. The system now goes out of its way to ensure recruits succeed instead of recruits showing the system they have what it takes to succeed.

Duty of Care aims to remove all things that are Character building about the Armed Forces just becuase 1 in every 1000 people are complete fuckwits and tend to fire their rifle from the wrong end!