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Duke of Lancaster's Regiment

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The Duke Of Lancaster's Regiment(King's, Lancashire and Border) was formed in 2006 by the amalgamation of the King's Own Royal Border Regiment, the King's Regiment, and the Queen's Lancashire Regiment.

  • 1st Battalion - formerly 1QLR
  • 2nd Battalion - formerly 1KINGS
  • 3rd Battalion - formerly 1KORBR and subsequently amalgamated with 1st and 2nd Battalions.
  • 4th Battalion - TA Battalion with companies covering Cumbria, Lancashire, Liverpool and Manchester


Early Years

All the predecessor regiments raised in the 1680s. Fought under William of Orange (lion Collar Dogs), at Fontenoy (Fontenoy Wreath on the Cap Badge) and as Marines in Gibraltar

Middle Years

Fought in Egypt, North America (Fleur de lys on uniform buttons), Waterloo, the Crimea, China, Afghanistan and South Africa

20th Century

Battle Honours gained in WWI include Gallipoli, Palestine, and the Western Front. WWII honours include Arnhem and Sicily as glider-bourne troops (giving todays glider TRF), in Tunisia and Italy at Anzio as well as serving as Chindits in Burma.

Since then founding regiments served in Palestine, Korea, Malaya, Aden, Northern Ireland Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan

And as well as all that.....

  • Is the only regiment of any army at any time to carry battle honours from every inhabited continent
  • Has won 59 VCs and one GC
  • Has 13 Unique Battle Honours


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