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Driver Lineman

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As a Royal Signals Driver Lineman you will be an essential part of a world-class telecommunications organisation. In this dual trade you will be taught to drive, maintain and service a wide variety of vehicles from cars to Large Goods Vehicles and the movement of hazardous materials (HAZMAT). You will also be trained to construct field cable routes and lay fibre optic cabling to support the Army’s IT and communication systems. There are a number of jobs you can progress towards including Fleet Manager, Driving Instructor and Qualified Testing Officer, oh and Fire piquet Commander.

The trade is today however a much diluted form of the original 'Lineman', who were much feared by younger members of the Corps, especially Tech types. These tradesmen were seen in Signal Regiments all over the world during the 'Cold War', spending their NAAFI breaks holding a reel of '10 Pair' in each hand over their heads, and weekends asleep in their own vomit.

The only job you could be given after you had failed every other trade in the Royal Sigs.

Trade Structure of the Royal Signals
RS Op AS Op Spec Op Sys Eng Tech Driver Lineman Electrician (ED) Technical Supply Specialist

Supervisory Trades
YofS FofS Supvr (R) Supvr (IS)

For further information, have a look at the R Signals website: Royal Corps of Signals.