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Drinking Song

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1939 Holiday to Poland commemorative stein

After the pointless soccer discussion of an evenings drinking but slightly before the bezzering really gets going ... a collection of blokes are liable to break into song.

These blokes need to be a group with some ties. Squaddies, a rugby team or even (I imagine) a knitting group - if they have feeling of belonging - will begin to sing 'approved' club songs.

These songs are best appreciated when alcohol has rendered you tone deaf, be pornographic in nature or at least dripping in innuendo (possibly with humorous actions) and hardly ever been written down so only those initiated may know the secret words of power. Thus a medley of Abba hits are never going to be drinking songs however Black Lace's We're having a Gang Bang is in with a shot.

Germans are very good at drinking songs and do it frequently often in the month of October. So much do they enjoy this, they invented a beer mug with a lid that means you don't spill any when conducting the choir.

Other sensible drinking songs can be found here.