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Dog Soldiers

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A classic film which tells the story of a section of British soldiers on an exercise in Scotland having a rough time of it with a family of werewolves. The tactics are pretty wank but much of the dialogue is spot on and the film is played with tongue firmly in cheek.

Features a notable bezzering scene when Sean Pertwee, playing a Sergeant, has his intestines glued back in by another member of the patrol whilst out of his head on Whisky.

Cracking fight scenes reminiscent of Alien II, and everyone knows a Geordie Squaddie like Spoons a.k.a section lynch-pin.

Sequel is called Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat. Involves Spam SF unit running into the same lycanthrope problem the next night as suffered by the British Squaddies. Likely to end up going the same way as the original but with incidents of friendly fire to add further injury to injury ... as if the werewolves weren't problem enough.

Have no fear, the solution has finally arrived of how to deal with lycanthropic insurgents. Rumours that THEM have been issued these lupine-slotting rounds are still unconfirmed, but here they are anyway:[1]