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Officer concerned purely with the issuing of brufen and tubigrip on sick parades. Tends to wear tweed a lot, enjoys smoking a pipe and drinking proper chewy beer. Broken down into three main types:

  • GDMO - lazy officer type who is moderately in touch with current medical issues - can be a civilian - usually an older type who has all the qualities of the others but with the lack of ability to make a career in civvy street.
  • RMO - lazy officer type who is completely out of touch with current medical issues and also reality - a great supporter of the officers mess.
  • SMO - lazy officer type who has never been in touch with current medical issues - in charge of the other two.

When having to treat casualties will usually lurk in the background and look wise when asked a question - uses the pipe to scratch head in order to figure out what to do next. Tends to think of him or herself on a higher plane of existance and higher up the evolutionary scale. When communicating to lower mortals will utter strange gutteral noises and point a lot. Becomes worried when the supply of Brufen and tubigrip runs out.