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Also known as Guz.

Snuggling up right next to Plymouth on the estuary of the River Tamar and home to the Andrew's HMNB Devonport (aka HMS Drake): the largest naval base in Western Europe and the sole nuclear repair and refueling depot for the Trafalgar-Class submarines. Also home to the Devonport flotilla viz. HMS Ocean (the biggest of the Big Grey War Canoes) and the celebrated HMS Cornwall.

The collected Royal Dockyard is operated by Babcock Marine after DML went tits in 2007 and is the largest employer in a grimly chavvy area: fortunately the MoD has decided it would be political suicide to close any of the three RN dockyards currently operating.

Bombed to little rubbley bits in WW2 (the Luftwaffe managing to render 1 in 5 residences leveled while largely failing to hit the dockyard at all) its sadly lacking in cheer and warmth - best to immediately set forth, in the direction of the rising sun, to Union Street.