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Ah Devon! Winding lanes, the babble of maidens' laughter as their skirts billow in the morning breeze, the smell of salt spray... isn't it? Marvellous! Roughly the size of Devonshire, Devon is one of the most picturesque counties on this fair isle. Once known as Devonshire, the dropping of the 'shire' suffix has never been adequately explained.

Devon is now considered by many to be the largest caravan site outside of Ireland - the difference being that Irish caravan sites are infested with pikey filth, whereas the ones in Devon are infested with Claudes and Marjories in their Windseeker 2000s. Devon even has its own flag now - one step closer to a breakaway republic. This flag business has really hacked off the Cornish, who see it as a copycat move for independence.

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