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Desert Eagle

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IMI Desert Eagle
Country Of Origin Israel
In Service 1980 - Present
Used By Israel
Effective Range 50ft
Maximum Range 125ft
Weight 3lbs
Length 260mm
Cartridge .50AE

The Desert Eagle handgun is a powerful gas-operated, semi-automatic handgun capable of firing the .50 AE (Action Express) calibre round, though minor field adjustments can allow the latest production model of the Desert Eagle to fire the .357, .41, .44 and .440 rounds.

The Desert Eagle handgun was created by the Jewish Mafia as an alternative to circumcized penises and used to intimidate Nazis with. It is better suited to the life of big-game hunting rather than a personal protection weapon although Hollywood would have everyone believe it to be the weapon of choice for big, scary men in spandex.

Without a doubt, the Desert Eagle, particularly the .50 AE, is a very powerful handgun if not overly powerful as few have the wrist and strength to wield it properly. It also comes at a price tag to owners and the ammunition ($1.50 per round) also does not come cheap.