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Department for Culture, Media & Sport

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They were going to call it the Department for Media & Sport, but that would've meant DMS, and the dept. did not wish to be associated with a pair of shitty boots. So, they added an extra letter - for Culture.

When they say 'culture', they means everyone elses', so you can forget traditional (and hazardous) British stuff like conker championships, morris dancing and cheese rolling. It was also the perfect excuse for a bit of Acronym Overload and the ideal opportunity to design a meaningless 'right on' logo.

The logo should say it all really: a squiggle that looks like a mong's thumbprint, that conveys fuck all about what the department actually does and produced, no doubt, at enormous expense to... the taxpayer.

They've now added "Olympics" to this car-crash of a name, presumably to remind everyone that we've got that FOGB drain on our resources coming along in 2012. On being given the job Jeremy Hunt, the current (deep breath) Minister for Culture, Olympics, Media & Sport, was apparently told by CMD that the Olympics were to be his highest priority. Which should nicely demonstrate the regard in which the Dept is held and the prestige it holds in Cabinet.

That being said, this is the Dept with responsibility for state ceremonial occasions including state funerals. Thank fuck they leave the drilling to the Garrison Sergeant Major - can you imagine the mess if they let the civil servants run the show?