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Concept for a method of government where each person in a society gets to give their opinion of who should be in charge by the casting of a vote for their favourite. The favourites with the most 'votes' win power for a predetermined period of time during which they can act like the worst sort of despot and there's bugger all the voter can do!

With a few exceptions like the Queen, members of the House of Lords and the insane (can you see any common thread there?) everyone gets A VOTE.

Problem with this system is that EVERYONE gets A VOTE. That means the thickest, bigoted, inbred chav's opinion is equal to the opinion of a Nobel Prize winner. Given that this country has a lot more of the former than the latter I'm sure you can guess what sort of government we get? Yes... we always get the one we deserve.

Attempts by the West to impose democracy on other nations seems to struggle for some reason. Afganistan, Iraq, Russia and Zimbabwe have all been introduced to democracy and have either run away screaming or doing their damndest to ensure it never gets implemented. Proof I would say that Tony Blair and George W Bush have indeed influenced the world's political structure - just not the way they had hoped to!

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