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This can be two things:

  • A unit of measurement of angles or bearings.

There are 360 degrees (°) in a full circle, and North is at 0° or 360°, with South at 180°. The British Army tends to use the mils system instead of degrees as it makes judging distances between objects easier. The RAF use degrees as they have no need of the precision the Army works to.

  • An academic qualification.

At one time a useful tool in determining an individual’s educational prowess, the degree has since been reduced in status to little more than a Brownie’s Sewing Badge. In the good ol’ days reasonably clever kids had O Levels (also known as GCEs). Then the rot set in due to Labour governmental interference and the scrapping of the 11+ exam that streamed the bright kids in to grammar schools, and the mongs in to whatever was left. Unfortunately, grammar schools were seen as bad, as they were elitist. It didn’t matter that they worked. Anyhow, grammar school kids ended up with A Levels and usually ended up with degrees - and a trip to Sandhurst.

That was until the Comprehensive system was implemented. What this did was stick everyone in the same poor standard system with the naïve expectation that the clever kids would influence the mongs and drag them up to speed. Wrong! The opposite was the case. Of consequence, generations of potentially clever kids were dragged down to the level of mongness and were lucky to leave with anything – even CSEs (an invented qualification to mask the failing system).

Since then, it has been realised that a once simple effective education system has been royally fucked up by successive governments with various agendas and helped along by the Class War bunch, the anti-everything brigade and various lefties who insist that education is not about learning but about self-expression. Throw the ‘any form of competition is bad’ and ‘equality means everyone’s a winner’ ethics in to the equation and you have a recipe for state-sanctioned idiocy. Which is where we are today – with everyone with a degree... even leisure food systems operatives.

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