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Defence Communication Services Agency

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The DCSA is now known as Information Systems and Services (ISS) part of DE&S (hence the phrase, "We don't do comms anymore")

The Defence Communications Services Agency (DCSA), or the Borg as it is known is an agency acting as a form of wrapper for a collection of Integrated Project Teams (IPT s) who all have communications as their prime purpose.

The Agency is based just outside Bath and is the kind of quiet backwater that you could find in BAOR in the 'good-old-bad-old-days'.

It is a Joint agency (ie Tri-Service) with the majority of personnel being or the Light Blue form and the majority of Army types being Royal Signals officers.

Seen by many as a complete horror of a posting (normally those who know nothing about it), it provides a great opportunity to network and get involved with industry. It also provides a great chance for stability for a family, only the odd and occasional operational tour, and is brilliant for reducing the golf handicap.

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