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De Lisle Silent Carbine

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Ja, I thought I heard a click as well.... Hans? ....Hans?

Built as a private venture from a modified Lee-Enfield bolt action and the Thompson SMG barrel and a custom suppressor, the De Lisle silent carbine was a 7-shot integrally-silenced .45ACP carbine, fed from a modified Colt M1911 pistol magazine. The .45ACP round provided the weapon with a sub-sonic round that, due to it's size and weight, had considerable stopping power.

It is reportedly the most silent firearm of all time, only the "click" of the striker and the "thud" of the bullet impacting being audible.

It was designed for dispatching guards etc. on sneaky-beaky operations. A folding-stock variant was also produced. Most of the De Lisles were destroyed after the war to avoid them falling into the wrong hands. (the wrong hands? you mean drunk squaddies with a desire for midnight lightbulb hunting?)


Weight: 3.74 kg
Length: 894 mm
Barrel length: 184 mm
Muzzle velocity: 253 m/s
Effective range: 250 m

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