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David Masters

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Dave Masters spots more MoD evasion

David Masters is the coroner for the county of Wiltshire and Swindon.

He is another in what is becoming an extremely honourable, uncorruptable and squaddie friendly profession in the establishment.

Davie boy has been another thorn in the side of the MoD and the government (like coroner Andrew Walker) with criticism of the circumstances of the deaths of numerous members of the Armed Forces on foreign soil. Examples of Mr Masters no nonsense attitude are

  • Two British soldiers were killed by a radio-controlled bomb because they were relying on Danish electronic jamming equipment, unaware that it was not working properly. When challenged that every vehicle on patrol should be equipped with fully-operational ECM the MoD expert replied "that's the position we are working towards." Dave retorted: "A bit late, isn't it?"
  • After the deaths of 4 soldiers blown up in a Warrior, Masters recording verdicts of unlawful killing. David told the inquest in Trowbridge he would be meeting with Armed Forces Minster Bob Ainsworth later this week to recommend the weak under armour on Warriors be dealt with speedily.
  • Masters said the deaths of 10 servicemen in the Hercules (flight XV179) air crash in Iraq were the result of "serious systemic failures". During the inquest Mr Masters criticised the MoD for shredding important documents AND levelled criticism at the US military for not authorising interviews with American eyewitnesses.

Given the mendacious nature of both the MoD and the Government, we are very lucky to have men of the quality and backbone of David Masters to ensure these cnuts dont continually get away with (literal) murder.