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Dave Allen

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Dave Allen

An Irish comedian extremely popular in the late 60's, 70's and early 80's.

Had a highly rated show on the BBC called the 'The Dave Allen Show' where he mixed stand up with skits. His stand up was somewhat unique in that he did the entire act sitting down, drinking whiskey and smoking. The PC fascists would have a hairy fit today.

Much of Allen's act revolved around religion. A Roman Catholic (although he occasionally claimed to be a practicing atheist), he openly mocked the Church of England, Catholicism, the Pope, nuns, priests, confessional and all of it was loved by all denominations. It did generate minor controversy but it was even handed and extremely frank.

A sample of Allen's humour: Little African lad, raised by missionaries, sent to Belfast, gets up for church on Sunday. Goes to the Prod church down the road. Ian Paisley opens the door. "Feck off" he goes and slams the door in his face. LAL goes home, in tears he kneels and prays: "God, why won't the Reverend Paisley let me in his church?" God replies "I dunno son, the miserable old git won't let me in either."

Just goes to show how different Christians are from Muslims who would be 'furious' if someone mocked their religion in a similar way. (The exception being Spam god-botherers who have all the humour and subtlety of understanding of zoo slurry).

Allen was missing part of the index finger of his left hand. This became a running joke as he told many stories of how he lost it. He also used it as a 'prop' for occasional one line gags.

At the end of his act Allen would always toast his audience with the words "Goodnight, thank you, and may your god go with you".

Dave Allen died suddenly, but peacefully in his sleep on 10 March 2005, aged 68.