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Dangerous Brian Hat

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Cap DPM - Cold Weather

Hat - Brian (Dangerous)

How we used to live..

Very large camouflage headwear with long ear-covery-bits which can be velcroed over the top of the head thus making the wearer look utterly ridiculous.

Whilst undeniably warm, DB Hats are lined with the world's most itchy substance (developed at Porton Down to be smuggled into Russian issue underwear factories, thus adding an interesting paragraph to the Russian equivalent of the chemical safety rule [Or have an itchy arse].

Dangerous Brian hats were of course banned by many Commanding Officers on the grounds of sheer stupidity, but continue to be the perfect complement to a chinese fighting jacket and issue long-johns, while drinking a Red Bull & vodka in the Officers' Mess bar. They are regularly used to accessorize a Naked Bar, particularly in RM messes.

Also known as the Deputy Dawg hat (or Dawg Hat for short), or Fozzie Bear hat. Unknown Quantity knows everything about Dangerous Brians after only a year with the Army.


Cold Weather Hat for the 21st Century

Cap DPM - Cold Weather Gore-Tex

21st Century Head Gear!

It has been over thirty years since Gore-Tex was invented. Sometime around 1986 Lowe Alpine hats hit your local Millets and the head-wear became de riguer for almost anyone who walked further than their local bus stop.

In true Army fashion, a couple of decades had to pass before someone decided that squaddies should benefit from the technology. I don't know how it happened, but it did. I suspect that an ex-Brigadier had bought some shares in a head-wear company, or perhaps the factory that makes the new item is in a Neu Arbeit marginal constituency. Who cares? What matters is that they are on issue now, in glorious technicolor DPM.

Just head down your local QM's and grab it, before they decide to remove them from stock and make us wear headovers like some 1942 Commando unit again. Having said that, it may just be easier to buy one off eBay than get that grumpy fat cnut in the stores to put down his brew and sort you out.


Still Going Strong in MTP

Cap MTP - Cold Weather Gore-Tex

Hat, Brian (Dangerous) Multi-terrain Camouflage

It lives on! A sighting of the Dangerous Brian hat in MTP...