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A large city in the State of Texas, USA that grew into the next door city of Fort Worth creating a Metroplex. Population 6.1 million of which 6 million seem to be mexican.

Texans tend to vote Republican, had George W Bush as a governor and are against ALL forms of gun control - up to and including assault rifles and belt fed squad support weapons! Stray just a half mile from the interstate/urban areas and you can hear the duelling banjos and the piggies squealing.

Dallas detail here


A very dodgy soap opera from the 1980's set in the city of Dallas about the oil magnet family The Ewings.

Had the most outrageous plot twist in the history of soaps when the dead in the show for two years star of the show (Bobby) was found by his wife in the shower. No, not a necrophilia plot line mores the pity. The huge breasted wife (Pammy) had dreamt the last two years. Now I've heard of having a lie in but thats a bit outrageous (unless you are on benefit when its a case of "2 years in bed - could try harder!")

All you could possibly want to know about these big shouldered plastic people here.

Not to be confused with

Dallas Dhu


A Place that Debbie does..... Again and again........ and again!

Review of Debbie Does Dallas II: I found it an unconvincing performance. The lesbian scene with the 20" double headed, purple dildo lacked depth, the 'brothel' setting seemed rather flat and quite frankly if you have something the size of a small articulated lorry shoved up your bottom - you should react a little bit more than the female lead did. The cheer-leading sequence was poor and in no way as good as the semenal first movie.