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Daily Mail

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British daily tabloid newspaper published by Associated Newspapers; part of the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard & Metro Media Group family.

It has a strong readership of about 5.3 million adults, and average circulation of 2.7 million( Source: Mediatel [protected site]). In 2005, number 15 on the list of the World's 100 Largest Newspapers (link).

Attained historical notoriety in the 1930's when the Mail's owner/controller, Lord Harold Rothemere, used it as an editorial vehicle to support the British Union of Fascists, Hitler and Mussolini (link, not an unbiased article but pertains to preceding). This public stance was reversed after the Nazi invasion of Prague.

Modern editorial content is usually classed as slightly to the right of Genghis Khan with rabid attacks on the Dear Leader, WMF and the continued failings of the Neu Arbeit regime. Not to mention the machinations of the evil denizens of the European Commission and insane rantings about the way that Britain is being taken over by Poles, Muslims, paedophiles, gypsies, communists, gangsters, murderers and the politically correct. Also popular are house prices, teachers, fire fighters, armed forces kit (whether lack of, wrongful issue of, wrongful use of or just about anything else of), soliders, Tories and more. Whoever their defense correspondent is, he is either lazy, stupid or both. A recent article about a new weapon the Army has bought consisted of a picture (of the wrong gun) and nine lies of text. Of these nine lines, one was correct, two were factually correct but misleading in the context of the weapon itself, and the remaining six were all incorrect.

Given three years and enough encouragement the Daily Mail would be calling for a final solution. In fact a final solution for any problem really, just as long as it doesn't affect house prices in Tunbridge Wells.

If you should ever want to confuse a daily mail reader, tell them paedophiles are the natural prey of immigrants.