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Digital Versatile Disc. Perhaps the most effective means yet discovered for storing Grumble, Grot and Training videos. The same size as a standard audio CD or a CD-ROM, a DVD is more than capable of storing three or four hours of top-level, high resolution filth. Even better, because of their innocuous appearance, the modern Squaddie can face the confiscation, by power crazed RAF Policemen of his allegedly offensive 'FHM' or 'Loaded', knowing full well that secreted in his CD case are 'Anal Virgin Gang Bang' parts 3, 4, 6, 9 and 11, not to mention 'QA Lesbo Mud Wrestling Amateur Special'.

Along with the DVD, the personal DVD player has revolutionised the art of grumble appreciation.

With the aid of an extra counterpain or two and some Black Nasty, Grumble Connosew..., connaseu,... conno...., oh fuck it, Grumble enthusiasts can now transform their bunk-spaces into personal Jizznasiums or Wankatoriums....