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Directing Staff

The DS usually run and co-ordinate exercises and battle lessons etc. They come in two guises:

  • The old SF sweat - Been around the block done a fair share of time in an airborne or other specialist unit. Typically laid back and unstressed, not afraid to muck in and help when your orders or battle plan go to a crock of shit. He knows if you look good he looks good. Fits in well within barracks and is a stalwart of the Mess.
  • The Wannabee - Just done his Skill at Arms (SAA) course and been moved into the Training Wing. Talks a good lesson and knows the Pam page for page. Behaves like a complete twat when your orders or battle plan goes to a crock of shit by shouting and strutting about especially if the unit hierarchy are watching. Basically has a big neon sign on his head saying "look at me, look at me", his main dialogue is "you're shit". If anyone has wings he will totally avoid them at all costs. Once back in barracks climbs back in box to concentrate on MATTs scores.

Neither have, mysteriously, ever been noted to have performed any command tasks.

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