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The introduction of the Demountable Rack Offloading Pickup System was a revolution in Transport and Logistics and is now the backbone of the army transport system. It enables complete vehicle loads to be packed or unpacked while they are detached from the vehicles, saving time, MHE and vehicle resorces. Previously no British Army wheeled vehicle had been required to combine the carrying capacity, speed of loading and offloading, and the cross-country ability demanded of DROPS vehicles:-

Leyland DROPS Medium Mobility Load Carrier - The Standard Drops vehicle with limited cross-country ability.
Foden DROPS Improved Medium Mobility Load Carrier - Improved cross-country ability and used mainly in support of artillery ammunition movements.

In the mid-1980s DROPS was the first logistic system for which all British military vehicle and load equipment manufacturers were invited to submit designs to meet the then perceived threat in Central Europe from the Warsaw Pact. After detailed analysis of the many submissions Foden and Scammell (Leyland) vehicles together with Multilift loading systems were selected for extensive trials, very effectively proved their ability, and were chosen to enter service.