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Croydon, as viewed from the A235

The Myth

In myth, the Tibet of England. A veritable Shangri La, where strangely-robed monks sit on the inaccessible peaks of its freezing mountains and dispense the wisdom of ages to enable eager young nurses and cadets to embark on glorious careers in the SAS and Parachute Regiment. These wizened sages also impart the ancient knowledge of the fighting arts and flog dodgy courses in CP and other bodyguarding skills.

The 1960s television series The Champions was inspired by Croydon's inhabitants and was actually filmed on location. The 'Geneva HQ' is now a car park at the back of Tescos.

The Reality

In reality, a fairly dull bit of 'sarf' London and home to C (Kent & Sharpshooters Yeomanry) Squadron Royal Yeomanry (and their LAD), 151 (London) Transport Regiment RLC(V) and 10 Company 4 PARA.