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Corps Songs

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The Corps are a sociable bunch enjoying every opportunity to quaff ale, get rowdy and triple crown. One favourite Drinking Song from the early days....

This one is sung to the tune of "The Marines Hymn" (which goes nananana na na na nana......nananana na na na )

Oh we are the Royal Si-ignals and a very-merry bunch are we

The only time you'll see us is breakfast dinner and tea

But when it comes to fighting we fight with all our might

So Certa Cito sh1t on you, fcuk you jack I'm alright

When I was a younger man my mother said to me

You are so fcuking clever son, you'll be an RTG

And she was right, 'cos now I am, I've earned a pretty stash

So lineys, ED's sh1t on you, I'm off to count my cash

Oh we are'

You may not hear so much from us we're the loyal Radio Ops

The buck may fly around the camp but this is where it stops

'cos if we fcuk up on the net we make sure we're not caught

We'll blame it on the RTG's 'cos we've been better taught

Oh we are'

You may see too much of us we're the Royal Signals Techs

Ninety-nine percent of us are geeky cnuts with specs

But when we're out on exercise we're warm as we can be

You'll find us sitting on our arrses in the ERV

Oh we are'

Oh we are the Combat Linemen and our arms are big and wide

We may not be too clever but we'll see you all outside

And if you try to take the pi$$ while drinking in our bars

We'll take a drum of seven quad and stuff it up your arrse

Oh we are'

Oh we are the Electricians and we won't take any crap

We play with electricity and make things spark and zap

So when we're in the field keep us in beer and tabs and scoff

Or we'll walk up to your power supply and turn the fcuker off

Oh we are'