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Convoy Protection

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Convoy Protection does exactly what it says on the tin and involves the protection of convoys. This can fall in to two distinct categories:

  • One involves rolling around in the North Atlantic in a Royal Navy corvette protecting convoys from German U-Boats. A noble undertaking, but one largely obsolete. Danger level - High.
  • The other involves rolling around in the back of a Toyota Landcruiser whilst the local population pepper the fuck out of it with whatever ordnance they have to hand. An insane undertaking that only the nailsest of the nails should consider. This work is usually - but not entirely restricted to - former SF types and the odd walt. Danger level - Madness.

The protection of convoys - whether at sea on on land - has traditionally been the undertaking of the Special Forces and dates back to World War II when the SAS were tasked with defeating Hitler's perfidious U-Boat menace.

The regiment's finest hour was when Major Mad Jock 'Taffy' O'Rourke parachuted from a RAF Coastal Command Sunderland flying boat on to the conning tower of a submerging Nazi submarine, whereupon he blasted his way through the hatch and descended in to the vessel and slaughtered the entire crew. He then single-handedly sailed the captured sub back to blighty with its valuable Enigma machine. For this he won the VC and went on to capture several more enemy subs. He is the regiment's highest decorated soldier... probably.

See Ocean of Blood by top author Cyril Clunge for further details of this little known aspect of the Battle of the Atlantic. Available either directly from Clunge Publishing or from 49 Para's PRI Shop for a measly £16.99.