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Conservative Party

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Currently the party in control (mostly) of Her Maj's Government and filled with politicians desperately trying to look innocent of any impropriety during the expenses scandal.

Between 1997 and 2010, the Tories missed more opportunities to put the boot in than most people can care to remember. But after election day (+5) May 2010 they're here (libDem supported) to stay after Gordon's managed to shaft up everything so far from Afghanistan to the economy.

Obviously the best Prime ministers have been Conservative, the best being Winston Churchill (Alternative view; a drunkard who had failed at pretty much everything he'd ever attempted and was only kept in check from insisting on ludicrous policies during WWII by the efforts of people like Alan Brooke) and the second best The Iron Mrs T or Margaret Thatcher as she is usually known (alternative socialist view is sour grapes cause she whupped tham good so doesn't matter).

Being realistic here, they are still complete scum. As are all politicians. But, the Conservatives are 3 squirts of Cillit Bang scum to Labour's 5 squirts. Dose the power!

Part of their problem is that they have to spend the 1st 3 or 4 years of every term in office desperately trying to fix the train set after Labour have trashed it (which they have a 100% record of doing). This is done in the face of much criticism from the ever-impartial-and-never-Labour-supporting-at-all-honest BBC, so frankly it is a wonder that they ever manage to get elected all... despite objectively being the best at actually running the damn country. Hell, if the BBC wasn't a mouthpiece for Labour at important moments in the electoral cycle, the Conservatives would never be out of government!