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Two west African countries with the same name: the Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Republic of Congo:

Gained independence in 1960 from France. Went on to spend over 25 years experimenting with Marxism. Gave up in 1990 and a democratically elected government took office in 1992. This didn't sit well with the Commies and 5 years later a brief civil war restored former Marxist President Denis Sassou-Nguesso. Next stop ethic cleansing and and political unrest.

Completely different was

Democratic Republic of the Congo:

The Republic of the Congo gained its independence from Belgium in 1960, but suffered political and social instability. Col. Joseph Mobutu seized power and declared himself president in a November 1965 coup. Concious of the CSA's future powers of arresting salaries, he changed his name to Mobutu Sese Seko and the country to Zaire. Mobutu retained his position for 32 years through several sham elections, as well as brutal force. In May 1997 Mobutu's regime was toppled by a rebellion backed by Rwanda and Uganda and fronted by Laurent Kabila. He renamed the country the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), but in August 1998 his regime was itself challenged by a second insurrection again backed by Rwanda and Uganda. Troops from Angola, Chad, Namibia, Sudan, and Zimbabwe intervened to support Kabila's regime. At which point you could only tell the sides if you had bought a program.


Where they drink Um Bongo.