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Common Purpose (Charitable Trust)

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Common (Global) Purpose runs leadership development programmes across the UK that inspire and equip people to work together across boundaries

Common Purpose is a pox in the soul of Britain

There has been no advertising, few discussions in the media, and almost no recent questioning or criticism of Common Purpose which has seduced the Establishment, executives and social climbers in offices across Britain, while resisting public scrutiny and merrily burning public money. Common Purpose (an EU meme) programmes and course contents are privileged information. For those wondering who first let them interfere in Westminster: it was Tony Blair's Policy Unit handing out State freebies to left-wing reformers, back in 1997. A decade later came Thackerism, the politically correct ideology, cowardice, and malfeasance-in-government (Rotherham).

Yet in the autumn of 1989, Julia Middleton founded Common Purpose in Newcastle. Common Purpose (Charitable Trust) began to attract useful idiots in Britain almost thirty years ago. It hasn't worked; Common Purpose graduates have been a mess of cross-purposes for years. The general public is uncommonly ignorant about Common Purpose and its acolytes each splurging £5,000 + VAT of public money on a week's residential jolly, to have Common Purpose feed them with utter rubbish. While this looks like some conspiracy theory: Common Purpose and its 'graduates' have been attacked by some fairly authoritative figures, and commissions, more loudly for their complicity in the Rotherham Child Sex Exploitation Scandal. Common Purpose may be "the McDonald's Hotel of education", but it costs 500 times the price. Yet 'graduates' of this expensive 'leadership' cult considerably under-performed (read "failed miserably" on all counts) in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster during June 2017.

“The way [Common Purpose] has managed to get itself into the Establishment is quite extraordinary" (Tory MP Philip Davies, Telegraph, 2013). Many of its prominent political activists are left-of-centre; "some were involved in the Quangos created by New Labour". Julia Middleton, an ideological bedmate of Sir David Bell and 'a brilliant networker', connived with the New-Labour-era Establishment (Richard Pendlebury, 2012). "The Common Purpose organisation pursues a 'we know best' Fabian-style progressive agenda in the public sector" (Guido, November 24, 2012); in short, Common Purpose forces issues on Westminster, influences the appointments of Civil servants, and installs senior officials in our institutions.

Sir David Bell was chairman of Common Purpose, which was itself censured by the regulator under the Data Protection Act, for multiple probable breaches of individuals’ privacy. Common Purpose's essential M.O. is to train up a network of “future leaders” – to help create a new, broadly left-liberal, establishment. It has done this with vast amounts of public funding (Andrew Gilligan, November 16, 2012). The charity had been under investigation by the Information Commissioner's Office for compliance irregularities (2009).

Common Purpose UK is described as "a not-for-profit social enterprise" and a "charity, registered in England". "Company type: Private Limited Company by guarantee without share capital use of 'Limited' exemption" (Companies House, May 2017). Inextricably linked with (and hosted by) Tony Blair's cabinet: Common Purpose was operating in Downing Street during 1997 (Yorkshire Post, 2008). We can't show you Common Purpose dot org; it's banned by the spam filter. However, the CP virus has spread across the world and spawned CSCLeaders.

In 2014, Joyce Thacker. a Common Purpose alumnus, resigned her position as Head of Children’s Services at Rotherham Council. Thacker, who knew about prolific child sex abuse in Rotherham, is the same person that removed three children from their foster parents because they were Ukip voters. Under pressure, defiant and unrepentant: Thacker eventually resigned in September 2014 (BBC). Thacker is yet another 'graduate' of Common Purpose (Guido Fawkes,, November 2014).

In 1997, Common Purpose was granted free office space at the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DSCF) in Sheffield. The free office accommodation had been allocated by Tony Blair's Cabinet, in line with the policy of (then) Fabianist Education Secretary David Blunkett (Yorkshire Post, 2008). Only disclosed in 2008: "in 1997, the 'elite trainer' Quango had enjoyed privileged access to Downing Street". It's that man Blair and his vampire policy units, again.

Common Purpose has been branded a "progressive, pro-EU political cult" with a Leftist pro-EU political agenda (Unmasking Common Purpose, Namaste Publishing, May 2017). "It recruits and trains ‘leaders’ to be loyal to the directives of Common Purpose and the EU, instead of to their own departments, which they then undermine or subvert, the NHS being an example". Whatever the facts, they receive EU funding; Common Purpose markets in-house EU-funded "social impact" programmes on its website. In summary, Common Purpose is a europhile trojan horse.

"Tax payers money": Parliamentary questions from Conservative MP Philip Davies - directed to Government departments in 2008 - "revealed several had paid substantial sums to Common Purpose"; Mr Davies said "I think that taxpayers are entitled to know why so much of their money should be given to Common Purpose both in terms of free accommodation and in training costs" (Yorkshire Post).

During 1997, Common Purpose was running elite training seminars at Number 10; endorsed by Tony Blair's Cabinet. On 16 November 2012, the journalist Richard Pendlebury claimed that "like some giant octopus, Common Purpose's tentacles appear to reach into every cranny of the inner sanctums of Westminster, Whitehall and academia". Sounds like a virus; a few are on ARRSE, and they're easily spotted.

Common Purpose is like a left-wing capitalist version of the Freemasons; it's an "incestuous networking organisation" (report of 2012) for the self-appointed great and good to advance their politically correct agenda. In the past, over two dozen police forces and councils have spent millions on CP courses. Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders, Chief Inspector of the CPS Michael Fuller, and the Met’s top female officer, Cressida Dick, have all attended the £5,000 per week sessions. CP's network has infiltrated most of Britain's 'elite'.

Liberal activist Julia Middleton and her book "Beyond Authority" (2007) set out Common Purpose's leadership philosophy. Amazon reviewers found the book "disturbingly Orwellian, because it actually promotes authoritarian leadership. As a free thinker, I found this book depressingly fascistic". Indeed, Middleton's book presents nothing new to those acquainted with Management Science or even basic leadership theory.

Following revelations about Common Purpose in the Leveson Inquiry, and the subsequent campaign to gag the press and media in Britain, via the Media Standards Trust and their offshoot the Hacked Off Campaign, Common Purpose and its leaders (former chairman) Sir David Bell (an assessor on the Leveson Enquiry) and Julia Middleton have been very quiet.

Commentators have blasted "[Common Purpose] as a secret networking organisation at the heart of the establishment, with a hidden agenda and influence". While Common Purpose may appear harmless, it is not the most open organisation; its meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule, which means everything that is said in its meetings is unattributable (Wikileaks, June 2017).

Common Purpose alumni have become project advisors, for pilot programmes concerned with "diversity and leadership issues" including UK regional politics. Learning about CP's ways of thinking is expensive; the influence and networking power they buy endures for much, much longer.

It's simples really, all Middleton's Common Purpose did was harness public ADHD and Generation Y, set up a front among Third Sector charities and then milked the Millennials and student anarchists for all they're worth.

That would be about £5m in 2013 money. Creepy CP guru Julia Middleton talks of leaders doing "unusual things"; true: Common Purpose leaders are prepared to lie, and breach the data protection act to cover-up their activities. These people simply turn their backs on bosses who expect their orderly teams to think and behave alike; anarchy; classic Blairite selfish individualism with Esprit de Common Purpose.

CP provides nefarious underground 'education' in major British institutions, local councils, the BBC, the Media, Police, in Education, Health, and Industry. Its expensive 'courses' have been attended by 'leaders' in the major Utilities, and Communications industries, Retail, Banks, Universities, Social Care, charities, and government departments. All of this 'education' costs vast amounts of public money, but the taxpayer never benefits in real tangible terms. In the US: Common Purpose America is up to the same tricks.

Stateside, 2009: 'The Common Purpose meeting' took place every Tuesday afternoon, at the Capitol Hilton, bringing together the top officials from a range of left-leaning progressive organizations, from labor groups like Change to Win to activists like, all in support of the White House's agenda. Obama was at the centre of the groups that allied to back the budget as the Campaign to Rebuild and Renew America Now. (Ben Smith, in Politico, Aug 4 2009). Refer to The Common Purpose Project.

Apparently, post-democratic principles do not extend to open discussion of Common Purpose UK nor its global branches, nor to its activities. So much for that so-called urban democracy and citizen participation. CP boss Julia Middleton is a former editor of “Marxism Today”; that’s enough to make anyone cringe. Have you seen the state of it? Get the idea these women are Marxist feminazis?.

A cult of Attention Deficit Disorder: Common Purpose "knows just what society needs", teaching disregard for traditional management clusters and hierarchies. A quasi-masonic Blairite Left-wing equivalent of the ‘old boy network’: its clearly communitarian, diversity-driven ideology has been demonstrably disastrous, more recently in Rotherham's long-term abuse of children. The Rotherham Director (CP graduate) of Children's Services and the police were heavily criticised in the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal. All those officials implicated in the UK's biggest child grooming disaster have got away with resignations, and severance pay. Our odious local councils' diversity, equality and cohesion juggernaut was their vile vehicle.

After two years, in 2013 David Cameron officially declared that he was patron of an initiative (The Dishaa Venture) run by Common Purpose, a charity linked to the campaign for tougher regulation of the Press.

This non-profit organisation Common Purpose is like the Left's very own old boy network, reckoned Guy Adams in 2013. "CP employed 84 people and turned an annual profit of £5million. Its highest-paid member of staff was believed to be Julia Middleton", earning between "£100,000 and £110,000 a year" in 2013. Not bad by standards in the non-profit sector, but, then again executives in the Charity Commission are probably CP 'graduates'.

CP graduates also work within their organisations towards recruiting more Common Purpose converts, giving CP access to more funds. Once Common Purpose is installed in the firm, the CP "graduates" can install their own agenda. They want to go "beyond authority"; so no regard for traditional good management and leadership, nor responsibility, nor accountability. This kind of behaviour is what you'd expect to see in cults and mutinies.

Common Purpose dot org (blocked by the spam filter) targets 'Generation Y'; 'millenials': quoting the US Common Purpose site: "Many millennials, like [CP's Dale Pearson], live out their lives online and this is problematic. A generation who does not understand people with different backgrounds or beliefs to them are unlikely to make a generation of great leaders".

"A generation who does not understand the world around them are less able to persuade it, affect it, appreciate it or even sell to it" (Dale Pearson, Common Purpose US, Knowledge Base online, June 2017). The principles are the same; the reader might recognise that vile EU 'Remainer' and Common Purpose elitism, with its rampant (illegal) ageism. Common Purpose is - unsurprisingly - active in Deutschland under Programme Director Julika Rollin.

Its Wikipedia page (May 2017) describes Common Purpose as "founded in 1989 by current Chief Executive, Julia Middleton; its aim is to improve the way organisations and society work together by developing all kinds of leaders through a programme of diverse challenges and approaches [overturning tradition, and destroying customary functional tools and hierachies]." CP even has on an online learning programme for "CQ": "An online programme that enables organizations to develop leaders with Cultural Intelligence (CQ)". They target Youth Leaders, students, and Excellence in Diversity.

Obsequious Common Purpose "graduate" automatons now hold senior positions in Government, the BBC, MSM, local government and major police forces. They range from the Civil Service to Britain’s most senior police officers. Also well-known charities, Industry, the NHS and UK Education. Government departments have allegedly spent millions on Common Purpose training. Opponents of Common Purpose have essentially assessed the organisation's activities as being concomitant with global-progressive Post-Democratic Fabianist ideology.

  • Described as "a quasi-Masonic nexus for those who know best": careerists are attracted to Common Purpose by potential access to the corridors of power. Lists of Common Purpose "graduates" have been published to the public domain. Common Purpose "graduates" (actually delegates and members) come from major Industry, public services, Education, councils, Universities and students. By now, Fabianist CP teachings and ideology have probably supplanted traditional leadership education, and management science.
  • Common Purpose says ‘We develop leaders who can… lead beyond their authority’. This reads as if those who have been trained by Common Purpose - as what it calls "leaders" - should go above and beyond their own superiors in whatever situation they are working. All at the expense of British tax-payers (Town hall cash wasted on 'leadership' training).
  • BBC Radio 5 Live, 2009: A secret society? The influence of Common Purpose across Westminster, UK authorities, national broadcasters, the media, and public services, is said to be "huge" in 2017. Complaints against Common Purpose have arisen out of its apparent secrecy and non-disclosure policy. "Unelected bureaucrats" or "Cultural Marxists" or just plain old elitist sycophants: Common Purpose now has its fingers in cultures, Education, and government pies, around the world.
  • Since 2008: numerous applications for information, and parliamentary questions, about Common Purpose "graduates" and actvities have been made. These identify council transactions, NHS, police, and schools relationships with Common Purpose. Results are easily searched online.
  • The DCSF has admitted there was no formal record of any contracts made with Common Purpose (a decade's freebie); "no rental or tenancy agreement exists, in any form". The DSCF is one of several Government departments that has paid thousands of pounds to Common Purpose to provide training courses (Yorkshire Post, 2008).
  • According to Common Purpose on its website (blocked by the spam filter): they "customize [their] leadership programmes for organizations and partnerships across the UK: for the private, public and voluntary sectors". They say that "Organisations increasingly need leaders who can lead beyond their sphere of authority, and who can work seamlessly beyond the traditional silos of function, geography and culture." (Common Purpose website, May 2017). What they mean by this, is undermining management, departments, and democracy.
  • The ICO ruled in October 2008 that the charity was "unlikely to have complied with the provisions in the Data Protection Act on processing personal data" when it compiled a list containing the personal details of people who had made what it (Common Purpose) contended were "vexatious" requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 relating to its dealings with public authorities (Third Sector, 2009).
  • Longstanding conspiracy theories among politicians and academics have linked Common Purpose and its patent elitism to "Post-Democracy", radical activism, and United Nations Agenda 21: "Common Purpose and Agenda 21 are Catch 22. Common Purpose being a stealth training Organization for leading beyond ones authority in the Post Democratic Era...combined with Agenda 21" (Anthony J. Hilder, 2010). Another term for Common-Purpose-style activities, and the ideology behind it, is "designer activism".
  • Media and commentators have blamed the existence and expansion of Common Purpose on destructive corporate-socialist interference, Fabians, and UN Sustainable Development programmes (2030); People are waking to the UN destroying our national sovereignty through implementation of the UN’s 1975 Lima declaration and 1992 Rio declaration for 21st century global governance, often known as Agenda 21 – more recently as Agenda 2030 (Malcolm Roberts, in Wilson, J. Guardian, 14 September 2016).
  • Common Purpose might appear more honest and up-front by publicising its elitist, globalist authoritarian, social-activist, Post-Democratic Fabianist progressive agenda behind the mask. Its image cannot be helped by rumours of its "Chatham House Rule" secrecy, nor while Common Purpose appears to the outside world as a malodorous Machiavellian cult run by The Stepford Wives and Leninist activists. However, the Orwellian socialist-utopia nightmare has come true, and witches have been cooking it for nearly three decades, right under our noses.
  • "Common Purpose’s global reach continues to expand rapidly; offices are established across Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey and the UK, with Brazil and the USA following soon. Common Purpose can also draw on the resources of its partners and its worldwide network of 50,000 alumni to deliver programmes across the world" (Future Learn, 2016).
  • Common Purpose Customised Global Limited, Company number 08613775 [May 2017], is a private limited Company incorporated on 17 July 2013. Registered Office: Monmouth House, 38-40 Artillery Lane, London, E1 7LS. Source:
  • "Common Purpose Customised Ltd, registered in England with the company number 3476595, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Common Purpose UK, a charity registered in England with the charity number 1023384. Registered Office: Monmouth House, 38 Artillery Lane, London E1 7LS". Previously CIVILIA LTD (01 Dec 1997 - 01 Aug 2011) according to, May 2017.
  • The fusion of corporate power with government generates an elite Politik: mutant democracy and quasi-government; government run by a body of "experts" instead of politicians (M.G. Pugh, p. 81, 2011). Based on a political-financial model, money buys power and power rewards money. "Post-democracy" is a plausible imitation of democracy. It has popular appeal, while the real politics of power and money is an endless cycle of inter-personal transactions among elites. Meet Common Purpose, charging thousands of pounds for Third Sector programmes which - undoubtedly - bring fat dividends.
  • Media and commentators point to the UN and Sustainable Development programmes (2030); People are waking to the UN destroying our national sovereignty through implementation of the UN’s 1975 Lima declaration and 1992 Rio declaration for 21st century global governance, often known as Agenda 21 – more recently as Agenda 2030 (Malcolm Roberts, in Wilson, J. Guardian, 14 September 2016).
  • About its so-called "Thought Leadership": Common Purpose says on its website (blocked by the Spam filter) that "At the core of what we do are two strands of thought leadership: Leading Beyond Authority and Cultural Intelligence (CQ)".
  • About that Common Purpose "Cultural Intelligence" aka "CQ": [Rotherham's] Child Care body's influential member tried [culturally intelligently] to keep secret the ethnicity of men suspected of grooming and sexually abusing a murdered Rotherham girl, Laura Wilson, because it was worried about the impact on “community cohesion” (Andrew Norfolk & Billy Kenber, The Times, September 23, 2014).
  • Websites and commentators criticising or questioning Common Purpose are either offline or no longer updating. Common Purpose itself continues to thrive, with a heavy online presence.
  • Through Common Purpose's programmes: "a global network of students is equipped to create change in the world around them - at university, in their cities and in their future careers" including Britain (Common Purpose website, accessed May 2017).

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