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Commanding Officer

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Meaning Commanding Officer, typically of Lieutenant Colonel Rank. The CO is the overall Officer in charge of a Regiment or Battalion. The buck as they says stops with him (and occasionally, her)!

COs always further their popularity by incorporating a CO`s run into Regimental life, usually on the last Friday of the month. Typically of a distance around 6 miles some COs increase the love given to them by their men by changing the route by either adding another mile or moving the finish to hill with a 1:3 incline. Of course you do not find that out until you come to finish the run itself. Oh how we laughed!! For added enjoyment anyone not in before the CO or the RSM ends up on remedials. That alone is actually funny as long as its not yourself of course!!

Most CO`s display the oddest of dress sense when it comes to uniform. They do not use the same fashion advisor as everyone else (i.e. the RSM)

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