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Command Tasks

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Generally consist of a few planks, some rope and the old stereotype: shark infested custard.

Keys to success (for led tasks):

  • Ask "has anyone done a task like this before?". Then find out how and did it work?
  • Listen to others, then make your decision and act on it
  • Appoint a timekeeper
  • Don't get involved, stand back so you can command.
  • Do not be afraid to change your plan if it's not working.
  • Once your team are moving through the obstacle, keep yourself in the middle of the group, so you can influence the front and the rear of the group.
  • Give praise to your group members who are doing well, and give encouragement at all times, not in the way which comes across as arrse licking the DS though.
  • If possible, write down your instructions and check them with the DS.
  • When you slip off the platform and land in the (alleged) minefield, badly spraining your ankle, don't scream like a little girl (personal experience that one)
  • When the DS inform you it's a 1,000 mile long river filled with man-eating crocodiles, chuck the token bird into the water. They will then revise it to say "man & woman eating crocodiles" but you will have made them laugh.

Sentinel89's words of wisdom:

Command tasks require no technical skill at all, I am useless at things like that and had never so much as climbed a rope in my life, yet I scored extremely high on the command tasks. The point is not accomplishing the tasks but how you do them(though it helps) how many times did you shout in the command tasks? Every two minutes I made sure I shouted TIME!!! to engage the time keeper, I made sure I was holding my hand out to help someone across, even if they did not need it, there was NEVER a time when I did not have my hands on an object, or a person, the moment you realise you are standing still GRAB SOMETHING! Worked for me haha, I do not think you are too "green" in the slightest you just need to be more assertive, which I completely understand is harder when you have TA and regular army people around you, I had two TA guys in my group, but I made sure I always got a word in when they said something and when they where crossing things I still grabbed their shoulders and dragged them over stuff just the same.

I do not think you can really practice command tasks, just go for it and be loud! When you are given your task to be the leader for, you do not even need to come up with the solution, or tie a single knot, if you delegate properly you will get much higher scores than simply doing it all yourself, as your job is going to be getting soldiers to engage their skills, not doing it all for them.